“Ordinary people committed to action in extraordinary times”
(Indivisible guide)

On the morning of November 9th, 2016, millions of Americans awoke in shock and disbelief – Donald J. Trump was our president!  We knew that simply keeping up with the news and posting on social media would never be enough to resist his agenda, so a group of about 25 friends in Huntington, New York, decided to meet and discuss specific actions we could take.  We gave our group a name, Long Island Network for Change (LINC). Monthly meetings were scheduled and we wrote a mission statement:

To be a force for social, racial, economic and environmental justice through personal engagement, education and political action.

Since then, LINC membership has grown dramatically.  Although we’ve accomplished much, the critical work has just begun.  This year, throughout the country, thousands of grass root groups like LINC are working passionately and in coordination to elect as many progressive candidates as possible in November.  That’s just one of our goals among many.  Here is what we do:

  1. Endorse and campaign for local and national candidates whose goals coincide with LINC’s mission statement.
  2. Advocate for relevant issues with elected officials through telephone calls (there’s a script).
  3. Present community forums on voting rights, upcoming elections, racism, the environment and much more.
  4. Initiate strategically timed letter writing and e-mail campaigns.
  5. Publicize and distribute up-to-the-minute action alerts.
  6. Attend and speak up at town hall meetings, rallies, and demonstrations.
  7. Meet monthly to strategize and take action.

LINC is an active social action group:  We march, we call, we write, we meet.  Everyone is invited to our meetings.  We welcome new members.  If you have read this far, we hope you have decided to join us.  We need your energy, enthusiasm and ideas.

LINC is a member group of the Indivisible Project ( www.indivisible.org ).


Please read the letter at Lobbying Definition Letter and then call your state and assembly representatives and ask that this provision be removed from the governor’s budget. This provision looks to make grassroots groups like LINC follow the same regulations and reporting requirements as lobbying groups with the intent/possibility of silencing our voices. When calling please site FY20 Good Government Ethics Reform Article VII Legislation, Part R.

Please call your NYS representatives and ask them to
vote YES on the Greenlight bill. The bills numbers are
S01747 and A03675. This bill will give standard driving licenses to all licensed drivers regardless of immigration status.


Passing this bill will make sure that all drivers have proper ID, are driving with insurance and have properly inspected vehicles. Revenue to NY state and various counties will increase by $57 million in combined annual revenue and $26 million in one time revenue. Already 12 states, plus D.C.and Puerto Rico have already passed similar legislation.


Check our Web site regularly. Join us at our events. Come to our LINC meetings. But most important of all, we all must stay active, my friends.

As always,  please do not forget, if you are interested in participating in The Rapid Response Network in Huntington, please call The Huntington Rapid Response Network at   516-387-2043  to see how you can get involved.  There are many opportunities — Distributing Know Your Rights information, Accompanying people to court, community witnessing, and taking calls for their hotline, to name just a few.

LINC Meetings & Events








August 7

Gaughran Rally to End Gun Violence
5 PM Wed
Haypath Park
240 Haypath Rd, Old Bethpage


Sept 8, 2019

LINC Monthly Meeting (Sunday)
Temple Beth El (Huntington)
660 Park Ave
Discussion Group 2 PM – 3:00 PM
General Meeting 3 PM – 5:00 PM
David Sprintzen PhD
Where Should Progressive Politics Go From Here?


Sept 22, 2019

Cocktail Party Fundraiser
3 PM Sunday
9 Prospect Rd, Centerport


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